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With PWRGUM there is no longer any distraction while gaming. Forget reaching for the can or the time-consuming mixing of shakes. Our energy chewing gum gives you an immediate kick. Due to the rapid absorption of the active ingredients in the mouth into the bloodstream, the effect arrives where you need it in a maximum of 5 minutes! And you don't have to pour liters of liquid into yourself! In addition to our ingredients, chewing gum promotes concentration, because the chewing movements increase the blood and oxygen supply to the brain by up to 25%! The better blood circulation in the brain has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and memory. Ergo - you can gamble better!


PWRGUM chewing gum is manufactured in a patented manufacturing process at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients. Cheaper methods produce at temperatures of up to 120 ° C, which inevitably leads to a reduction in the added active ingredients.


Dareugaming is a Chinese peripheral brand with a strong technical reserve, a highly skilled R&D team and an automated production workshop, quality assurance, excellent after-sales service, and unanimous recognition from the market. Dareu is devoting itself to the game industry, launching a variety of highly innovative products, leading the trend of the keyboard and mouse market, and becoming an outstanding representative of domestic brands.

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